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Welcome to Pack 626!

Cub Scouting is fun! No matter what grade you are in, first through fifth, it can be a blast. Do you like to learn by doing? This is just the place. You can learn to tie knots, set up a tent, shoot a bow and arrow (archery). Have you ever cooked a meal on a campfire? Sent a secret code to a buddy? Built a birdhouse? Played Ultimate? Hiked? Earn rewards for doing these things in Cub Scouts.

Each time you complete an accomplishment or learn a new skill, you will be rewarded. Sometimes the reward is a bead or a patch. Sometimes it is a smile on your parents' faces to see you grow and learn.

Pack 626 is chartered through the Catholic Community of St. Odilia in Shoreview, MN. We are part of Northwest district in Northern Star Council, Saint Paul and Minneapolis, MN. Our sign up fee is $50.00 and if you would like, you could order Boy's Life for an additional $16.00. There are additional fees for camping and outings.

For additional information about Joining Pack 626 please Contact the Cubmaster through the E-mail located in the contact tab at the top right side.

Our motto is "Do Your Best"!!!


Nathan Jones

Nathan built his own camping shelter on activity day. He gathered the sticks needed (with a little help!) and assembled them to form a tent.

The Spotlight Member recognizes the accomplishments, no matter how big or how small, of a troop member or a group of troop members. It serves as a way to motivate and encourage others on the troop. Be sure to congratulate the Spotlight Member when you see them and encourage them to keep up the good work.


The vision of a champion is someone who is bent over, drenched in sweat, at the point of exhaustion when no one else is watching.

Anson Dorrance

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